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AVEL Mirror TV in Customer’s Bathroom

In this project our customer ordered 55-inch TV for his bathroom. AVEL Mirror TVs will be perfect solution if you want to enjoy some movie time while taking a bath. In the picture down below you can see AVEL TVs fit perfectly within contemporary and minimalist design. This model is located right above the sink and is fully waterproof meaning splashes or high humidity levels won’t harm the TV.

In this case the television is positioned right on the wall and not in the recess of it. To hide slight gap between the wall and the television our customer placed beautiful LED lights on both sides. As a result, the lights added cozy ambience to the bathroom.

From technical standpoint, this model has 4K resolution and 650 units of brightness. All of our Mirror TVs come with smart features meaning you can download apps like Youtube and Netflix as well as connect external speakers via Bluetooth. The television set also comes with IP66 waterproof remote control and non-waterproof air mouse.

Mirror TV in Bathroom Mirror TV in Bathroom Mirror TV in Bathroom

To purchase this TV model, you can visit the link.

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