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Mirror TV in Country House

In a country house, a 55-inch mirror TV is installed in the living room. After the renovation, the installation was scheduled. It was a little tricky to make the recess in the wall without damaging the surrounding wallpaper, but in the end, the result was excellent, and the TV fits the room perfectly and even visually extends it. You might find a review of the owner here; the family has children and watches a lot of cartoons during the day. The whole family gathers around the television at night to watch their favorite movies. 55" Mirror TV has its disadvantages like undeniable presence of reflection which are found for this situation also since there are windows around, but the overall impression and execution following 1 year use is perfect!

If you want great sound, you can check out and install soundbars or in-wall speakers with this type of TV. Even though its integrated resonance speakers produce a sound that is quite loud and full, it may not be adequate for a large room or for "music lovers" who have high expectations regarding the sound quality.

Mirror TV in Country House Mirror TV in Country House Mirror TV in Country House

The first of the two videos is a brief review of the owner after a year of use. The next video shows the process of installation on a step-by-step basis.

Verify that the Mirror TV you're considering is real and not too complicated to integrate!

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