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Waterproof TV in Sauna

Water and steam proof TV, the size of 23.8" diagonally is introduced in a Sauna of a ranch style home. It was hard to get the TV to look natural against a warm wooden wall, but in the end, it turned out well with the White Frame TV front glass. The TV is used to play relaxing videos with music backing mostly and looks like a glass framed “live painting”. You can open an app, watch Netflix, and play some games (it might look strange, but kids like to play even in sauna).

Waterproof TV for Sauna Waterproof TV for Sauna Waterproof TV for Sauna

TV can work stable in the harsh steam room conditions due to its waterproof design and the metal case that allows effective heat dissipation.

Just imagine your sauna with a virtual window to a perfect beach with waves roaring nearby or a beautiful sunset view – it is a new level of rest and relaxation. If you like great sound, you can add and install in-wall speakers and amplifiers with this type of TV. Even though there are high-resonance integrated speakers that make the sound rich and loud enough, music fans should rejoice the effect of chamber in smaller spaces like that. 

After more than a year being in use, the client's performance and personal impression are both extremely favorable! Check out the video below to see if the Sauna TV you've been dreaming of every day is finally here!

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