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Customer's Kitchen TV

In this article, we will tell you about an AVEL TV that was installed in our customer's home. It is a 23.8-inch kitchen TV in white color, which was installed above the microwave and oven. It is vital to take measurements of your kitchen appliances and cabinets when ordering such a model. Our client picked AVS420WS in white color to match the color of the facades. As a result, the kitchen looks very beautiful and organic. In addition, our TV can be used as a full-fledged cabinet door with a special lifting mechanism. Thanks to this kitchen set-up, you can enjoy your favorite videos, movies, and series without losing extra space or organic design.

kitchen TV kitchen TV kitchen TV

It's important to consider sound options for your kitchen beforehand. If your kitchen is spacious, it's recommended to think about adding extra speakers or a sound system that can be connected via Optical Out or Bluetooth. For instance, our client's TV is connected to speakers mounted on the kitchen ceiling, with the help of a Bluetooth amplifier located behind the TV.

kitchen TV kitchen TV bluetooth sound amplifier

And here is the customer's comment about our TV after a more than one year of using the TV: "This television is extremely convenient to use while cooking. Thanks to all of its smart features, I can easily watch my favorite movies, play music, or broadcast YouTube videos from my phone. It fulfills all the necessary tasks for comfortable viewing in my kitchen."

Our kitchen TVs can be a great addition to your kitchen!

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