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Safe Delivery of TVs

Many customers who purchase valuable and fragile goods with delivery, face an unpleasant problem. In the process of loading, transporting, reloading at the terminal or unloading, things are damaged. Boxes are dropped by personnel, packages cannot withstand the pressure of layers laid on top, loads fall onto the concrete floor from the conveyor belt etc.

reliable packaging for shipping products

As a result, a customer runs the risk of receiving the purchase in a deformed or damaged form, after which the tedious return procedure begins. Particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage are all kinds of electronic devices that require the most careful transportation. Expensive TVs as a result of impact can get cracks or chips of body fragments, connectors may fall out, connecting wires can be torn off, and the glass screen can be broken.

AVEL has developed reliable packaging for shipping products to customers. A carefully thought-out solution minimizes the risk of damage to goods during careless transportation.

Reliable packaging – guaranteeing the safety of the goods during delivery

Our packaging was tested in accordance with international standards and domestic GOST 18425-2018, as well as in accordance with the recommendations for testing individual packaging of TVs and monitors from the largest online store Amazon.

recommendations for individual packaging of TVs

Each product is placed in a foam container. The recess corresponds to the TV in shape, there are practically no gaps between the side walls and the product. From above, the device is covered with a lid made of the same foam material. The item packed this way is inserted into a box of thick corrugated cardboard, the lid is sealed with a wide adhesive tape. The internal contents of the complete package are not moved. The elastic layer reliably protects all sides of the TV from accidental impact. To ensure safe transportation, we have conducted a series of drop tests with packaged goods.

Checking the reliability of packaging

During testing, we simulated the fall of TV boxes from a certain height. According to the rules of the test, the height was set depending on the weight and dimensions of the box. The greater the weight, the lower the height from which products in their original packaging are dropped. The fall was simulated for different sides.

packaging testing conditions

The TV AVS240WS weighs 10.5 kg with packaging. According to the table of weight-to-height ratios, we have repeatedly dropped it from a height of 61 cm in different positions (on the sides, the edge, the front side, as well as its back side).

A waterproof AVS245SM TV with a gross weight of 18.5 kg was dropped from a height of 48 cm. This indicator was chosen with a margin. Tabular data indicates a height of 46 cm to simulate a fall. After the drop test, the boxes were opened and visually inspected. No visible surface damage was found. Then the tested models were turned on and operated for 30 minutes in different operating modes. The equipment demonstrated correct operation and worked without failures.

If you want to buy an AVEL TV with delivery, do not worry about the safety of the cargo. Our packaging will ensure safe transportation and loading, protect equipment from damage when dropped. Even if transportation and loading are not careful enough, the TV will not be damaged and will arrive to the owner in normal factory condition.

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