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Testing a waterproof TV in a sauna

Constant stress and daily workload of modern people do not leave them free time to relax. That's why many people use saunas or steam baths to relax while watching media content. A waterproof sauna TV is perfect for this.

This model is specially designed to withstand the high temperature in the steam room, as well as the ingress of water splashes onto its body. Simple household televisions are not designed to work in conditions of high temperature and high humidity. They just turn off, and if water gets in, it can even completely fail.

Mounting Features

When mounting the TV in damp rooms, it is best to mount it in a wall. The device is placed in a special mounting frame included in the package. First, a niche is prepared. The mounting frame is placed inside it. There is also an additional recess in order to fit the power supply and media box.

installing TV TV in the sauna

The mounting frame installed in a niche is fixed on  its sides with bolts. To connect the TV, power wires and an HDMI cable are output. Since the broadcast will be conducted over the Internet via Wi-Fi, an antenna connection is not required.

After connecting the cables, a cover is installed on the TV, covering the junction of the wires. This provides the necessary tightness and protects the contacts from moisture. The output of the wires is carried out through the seal. After fixing the cover, the TV is placed in the prepared niche.

Once the Wi-Fi is connected, the TV is ready to  use. The user can use the  media box remote control to control the TV.

Check the TV working

The manufacturer declares that the main components of a waterproof TV (the matrix and the TV board) continue to work at temperatures up to +55 ... + 60C.

During the test, the TV was placed in the steam room. The equipment was in more difficult conditions than if it was built into the wall – lack of ventilation and cooling. Experts recommend to leave a space for the passage of air if the TV is built into the wall in rooms with high humidity (baths, saunas, swimming pools).

An hour later, the temperature in the steam room with the TV increased up to + 65C, humidity – to 45%. After 2.5 hours from the start of the test, the temperature has risen up to +70C, the steam generator was turned off, it’s slightly reduced the humidity. The glass screen in the TV got hot, but the device continued to operate.

Sauna TV

The TV in the steam room is built into the wall using a special box. The presence of additional speakers is not necessary, since a waterproof TV has its own built-in vibration speakers, which are completely invisible and provide high-quality and clear sound.

The AVEL TV has coped with the task perfectly well. The device has showed excellent performance under high loads. This confirms the high quality of AVEL equipment and its compliance with the declared characteristics.

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