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TV above the fireplace

It is a regular occurrence for people to have a beautiful fireplace in their place of living especially residential houses.

Fireplace looks delightful and keeps your house cozy. However, many prefer to put their television above the fireplace for the convenience purposes. It’s exciting to hear the crinkles of the fireplace as well as watching your favorite TV show. Nevertheless, this design choice has its pros and cons and there should be plenty of things for you to consider before putting your TV above the fireplace.

Installing a TV over the fireplace: Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros and Cons of such design are fully related to the type of fireplace that is installed, design of the room, and many more things should be considered as well. We will discuss a few key advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, the advantages include:

  • More efficient space usage which provides you with airier room.
  • Freeing the walls in your room, which in turn gives you more ways to design the space. For instance, placing a beautiful painting or installing a shelf for your books and other things.
  • A way to create an emphasis in the interior, and to set the tone for the whole area.
  • With an AVEL Mirror TV, you can add even more practicality and refinement to your room.
  • When our Mirror TV is off it becomes just like a regular mirror giving the area more spacious and airier feel. When our mirror TV is on you can watch your favorite movies in high quality, just like you would on a regular television.
  • The display provides resolution of Full HD or 4K depending on the model that you are going to pick.

You can see how AVEL TV can complement the interior with the pictures provided down below.

TVs above the fireplace in the interior

Such design choice has its disadvantages as well. It is essential to bring up the cons before mounting your TV over the fireplace.

The disadvantages include:

  • The risk of overheating. A fireplace emits hot air which may result in heating up the appliances that are not suitable for higher temperatures. Although this does not pertain to electric fireplaces. Their heat is not as powerful and is moving directly forward rather than upwards. Fortunately, AVEL waterproof TVs are capable of withstanding high temperatures without early failure thanks to AVEL technology. Our TVs have extended working temperatures: from 0 to 50C.
  • Placement height. Putting the TV too high above the fireplace can lead to straining your neck and leaving you in full discomfort. To avoid this issue, you should properly consider the placement height of the TV as well as picking the proper distance between your fireplace and the viewing position.
  • The mismatch of styles. You can have a hard time picking a TV that is going to fit within your interior. With AVEL Mirror TVs you should not worry about that because the design of the regular mirror will be perfect with any design style. In addition, you can carefully incorporate the wooden frame for a classier look.
  • Wiring. Wiring should also be done correctly. Any hanging wires are unacceptable in terms of safety reasons and aesthetic purposes.
  • Focal point. Both the fireplace and the TV are focal points of the interior. With that being said, you should think about whether or not working TV is going to ruin the experience of the fireplace. For some it may be a key decision point.

With pros and cons being discussed, there are a few points to help you make the final decision of mounting your TV over the fireplace.

  • This is your personal design preference.
  • It makes perfect sense stylistically.
  • The space is limited. You might not have the option of putting the TV and the fireplace separately because of restricted space.

TVs above the fireplace in the interior

Installation process

If you finally made the decision to install your television above the fireplace after considering everything when it comes to safety protocols, design choices and overall convenience, you should adhere to these installation tips.

  • Preparing the niche for your TV. It’s important to arrange a proper niche for your TV to fit in.
  • Proper wiring should be done as well. Placing and organizing all of your wires behind the television is very crucial.
  • It’s better to have a fireplace stove made out of cast iron or steel and it should be equipped with protective glass.
  • The outer layer of the fireplace should be made out of heat-resistant material and be provided with proper thermal insulation. This will play a critical part of keeping the television from overheating.
  • The thorough ventilation should be considered as well. Vents on the opposite side of the TV are necessary so that hot air does not reach the device.
  • Choosing the same size TV as your fireplace is also very important. Different size TV will look imbalanced and ruin the aesthetic of your interior.

Combination options

You have read this article and decided not to install the TV over the fireplace. Let us recommend you some other design choices that you might consider.

  • On a separate/neighboring wall. If you have enough space you can pick another wall to mount your TV on. Depending on your area it might be a better option for you. It is also important to think about other decorative elements in the room so that nothing disrupts your interior.
  • Facing each other. Unfortunately, there is a high probability of glare occurrence. Consider this option very carefully.
  • In the corner. This method is appropriate for places with limited space or unusual design.

Examples of TV sets over the fireplace

TVs above the fireplace in the interior

TVs above the fireplace in the interior

TVs above the fireplace in the interior

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