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TV for shower

Nowadays people tend to install loudspeakers and radio in their modern bathrooms in order to have a good time while taking shower. However, if you want to go further and install a TV in your bathroom, our company can offer such a solution for your home.

Pay attention that it’s necessary to install only waterproof devices in the bathroom, providing them with high-quality protection.

Waterproof AVEL TVs are designed according to all the particularities of this place of exploitation. Front panel is made of glass and protected from water getting inside. A waterproof TV is installed into a special niche using a mounting frame, all the connectors placed on the opposite side are additionally protected with coverings. These solutions make it possible to use the device safely while taking shower.

The TV waterproofing guarantees its stable operation even if water streams right into the glass, which will certainly happen in the shower. At the same time, you can adjust the sound and switch channels using a waterproof remote controller which is capable of working in the shower (however, you shouldn’t dip it into water!).

While choosing a TV for bathroom, you should consider diagonal of 23''-32'' which will be easier to place in a small space, its size will be optimal for watching. In our catalogue, you’ll find such models, as well as the TV with a diagonal of up to 75’’ for placing in a bathroom or a swimming pool. All the devices show colorful image and have good angles of view.

mirror tv TV in the shower Waterproof TV

The most interesting might be mirror TV that will function not only as a recreational center, but also as a mirror, being its major purpose. There are classic options with black and white frame. A pleasant bonus is the Smart TV function which provide you with up-to-date possibilities of online content streaming and installing of necessary applications, for example, to check the weather.

It’s comfortable and functional to place a TV in the shower. You can not only listen to music or news, but also watch films or programs. The most important is to install a waterproof device, so you can enjoy it for years.

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