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Waterproof pool TV – entertainment and convenience

Have you ever experienced the desire of finishing watching your favorite series or a TV show, taking bath or staying in a jacuzzi? AVEL waterproof TVs give you such a possibility. Now it’s no need to interrupt the enjoyment of a soccer match or a film, you can continue your relaxation in a Spa with a glass of wine or in a good company. The most up-to-date technologies that AVEL engineers provide you with are absolutely safe to be used in direct contact TV with water, as it is completely waterproof. It might sound unusual, however, AVEL is always here to surprise you with the most convenient options for amazing relaxation.

tv for jaccuzzi

Why shouldn’t I be worried about safety?

This question is frequently asked by our customers who are hesitating about buying a waterproof TV. In our turn, we guarantee the complete safety of our products. Have a look at the list of waterproof elements of our TVs:

  • Remote control;
  • Speakers;
  • The TV construction;
  • Electronic components.

Moreover, the AVEL TVs have passed IPX4 test and have the certificate, which makes them safe even for kids. Such waterproof devices have no possibility to be damaged by quick-rising humidity and cannot cause a short circuit fault in your bathroom. In a nutshell, the producer guarantees complete safeness of its waterproof TVs, as they can give you no trouble but only relaxation and enjoyment.

tv hottub

No harm to your interior design

AVEL company provides you with not only high-quality technology of modern waterproof TVs, but also with a wide range of supplementary options. First of all, the TV line offers various screen sizes, from 23.8’’ up to 75’’. One can choose a white or a black frame for his TV, which makes it possible to install a waterproof TV in every type of interior. Perhaps, the most interesting option would be the Magic Mirror TV that looks just like a common bathroom mirror when it’s not used, but still gives an excellent image for films and TV programs. Every waterproof TV is designed in such a way that you can rotate their universal LED panel 360 degrees without any trouble, adapting them to your decor or needs. Moreover, AVEL has prepared some additional features for upgraded users, for example, Wi-Fi Screen Mirroring Option and HDMI connected Smart TV boxes Option.

So, AVEL waterproof TVs are not only safe, but also functional and stylish. Choose the most appropriate model for your bathroom and enjoy TV content without interruption!

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