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What You Need to Consider When Selecting a Bathroom TV

Many people consider putting TV set in the bathroom as the unreasonable option because of the safety reasons and the price. But is placing a TV in the bathroom a viable option? Absolutely! Any ordinary person can purchase a fantastic TV for bathroom use for a fair price with all the safety protocols. Let’s discuss what you should consider when looking for a bathroom TV.

Recommendation №1: Taking into account your bathroom design.

Picking a TV set that will fit within your bathroom is not always an easy option. Firstly, the TV device might not properly blend with your bathroom. Some spaces are going to look simply absurd with a television. For example, more traditional and classy design won’t tolerate the presence of TV, minimalist or contemporary interior will be perfect with a TV set. Secondly, some bathrooms simply won’t have enough place for installing a TV. So, taking parameters of your bathroom is also a crucial part of the process.

Recommendation №2: Choosing only among waterproof models.

The TV set in your bathroom should be completely waterproof no matter if you place it above the bath tub or replace the mirror above the sink with Magic Mirror TV. The reason is simple – your safety. Non-waterproof TVs, even the ones with the best quality, will quickly get corrupted and break because of high humidity condition. There is also danger of short circuit. Unlike regular televisions AVEL bathroom TVs are completely waterproof supporting IPX5 protection grade which guarantees total protection and insulation from humidity and steam in the bathroom.

Recommendation №3: Which model is actually to set up.

Some people might prefer to disguise their TV in the bathroom while others don’t mind having a TV out in the open within their bathroom interior. So, evaluating what you want from your bathroom television is very important. If you want to disguise your bathroom TV set, we would like to suggest you our AVEL Mirror TV. Its going to look identical to a regular mirror, yet you can enjoy your favorite shows on it. Other option is for the people who don’t necessarily want to hide their TV. It’s our bathroom TV sets with a black/white frame that are also fully waterproof.

Recommendation №4: Consider using transparent panels in design.

One of the modern and elegant decision for blending your TV into the overall bathroom interior is to use transparent panels to divide the space in the room. That way you can guarantee yourself unhindered watching experience no matter which part of the bathroom you stay in. Here is an example in the photo down below.


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