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AVEL – built-in TVs with reliable moisture protection

The built-in TVs by AVEL have been produced on its own assembly line since 2012. The production base is located in China (Shenzhen). The products are supplied to the market of Europe, the USA and the countries of the Customs Union. The model range includes such screen sizes as 23.8", 32", 43", 47", 55", 65", and 75". Build-in TVs are in high demand due to their reliability, image quality, a wide range of functions, and other advantages. The devices are easy to use, affordable, as well as harmoniously fit into the interiors. Yet, the main advantage of built-in TVs by AVEL is a unique degree of moisture protection.

built-in TVs

Why AVEL TVs are not afraid of water

The entire line of AVEL built-in TVs is designed to be installed and used safely in rooms with a high level of humidity. AVEL engineers developed an innovative design that greatly increased the moisture resistance properties. This property fundamentally distinguishes AVEL built-in models from household TVs.

To protect the internal electronics from external influences, the designers applied the following solutions:

  • sealed TV case;
  • reliable insulation of cable connection points on the case;
  • tempered glass screen;
  • usage of vibration speakers instead of standard ones.

The assembled device looks like a solid product without gaps and fitting lines of the elements.

In the production process, strict quality control and compliance with international standards are carried out at each stage. Samples are taken from each released batch for laboratory testing.

How lab tests are carried out

The test model is mounted on a vertical bar with a rotating platform on top. During testing, the TV rotates around its axis. An arc-shaped tube with closely adjacent nozzles is mounted above the object, from which water jets are supplied. The tube rotates around a horizontal axis like a children's jump rope.

lab tests

In this position, water jets fall alternately on all parts of the surface, the jets pour over and water the TV from different points. The test lasts 10 minutes, at which time the TV is turned on and working. Water is supplied under pressure from 50 to 150 kPa in a volume of 5.3 liters per minute. Testing is carried out in order to confirm the compliance of products with the standard N60529 (GOST 14254-20150). After checking, engineers disassemble the TV and carefully check the internal parts for damage.

connectors on the TV

The entire line of AVEL built-in TVs is considered to have successfully passed the electrical safety tests when exposed to external factors. The products have been assigned the protection class IPX4, the compliance with which is confirmed by the international certificate we have received.

Where TV panels can be installed

Due to the unique degree of moisture protection, AVEL TVs can be used in rooms with a humid atmosphere and close to water:

  • baths and saunas;
  • showers;
  • hammams;
  • pools;
  • the kitchen;
  • on open air.

TVs will not be harmed by rain, but installation in an open area is only permissible at positive temperatures. In swimming pools, the place of embedding may be a section of the wall close to the surface of the water. Frequent splashes are not dangerous for the device. But AVEL TVs are not designed for full immersion underwater, so you cannot mount the panel on the floor or wall of the pool.

If a trickle of water falls on an ordinary household TV, serious consequences such as a short circuit of internal contacts, damage to electrical wiring, and even electric shock to a person are quite possible.

Waterproof AVEL TVs are absolutely safe. Feel free to buy these reliable devices and create the comfort of your holiday where there is moisture and water.

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