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Overview of Kitchen TV

Content of the article:

  1. Where to place a TV in the kitchen?
  2. AVEL kitchen TVs – model features
  3. Rating of the best models of AVEL kitchen TVs

Having a TV in the house has not been considered a sign of luxury for a long time. In addition to the main TV in the living room, many have a TV in the bedroom, in the children's room and even in the kitchen. It is a popular solution with many advantages.

A TV for the kitchen is convenient, since during cooking or a family meal you can watch any movies or programmes without coming to the living room.

Where to place a TV in the kitchen?

Of all the rooms in the apartment, the kitchen is recognized as the most difficult to use various appliances. High humidity, temperature changes have a negative impact on any surface, so the equipment installed here must be resistant to such influences.

If it is necessary to place the TV in the kitchen, you should choose a place where it will be completely safe. A regular monitor cannot be installed next to an oven or stove, and you also need to make sure that water and direct sunlight do not get on its screen.

In view of these requirements, the popularity of embedded TV models for the kitchen is growing. Such equipment is installed in a pencil case or a cabinet of a kitchen set. The monitors are equipped with a high-quality cooling system, which eliminates heating of the case during operation without air circulation. The built-in TV for the kitchen fits into any environment. Some models can have a retractable design, which is especially important for a small kitchen.

kitchen avel tv

AVEL kitchen TVs – model features

AVEL company offers a wide range of built-in TV equipment for the kitchen. The special design allows you to easily mount the TV in a standard kitchen cabinet with a width of 60 cm, 76 cm or 90 cm. Reliable lifting mechanisms of leading brands are used for mounting. After installing the kitchen TV, the shelves of the cabinet behind the screen retain their functionality and remain available for use.

In the production of equipment, consumer requests are taken into account, therefore, models with a screen diagonal of 23.8 and 32 inches are presented in the line of TVs for the kitchen. For a harmonious combination with the interior design, the front panels of the TV have several color options, which allows you to choose the right shade for the environment and the headset.

AVEL kitchen TVs are equipped with a digital tuner that provides viewing of TV channels, as well as a built-in media player capable of playing various video formats from external devices and media. Android TV OS is installed on new models, a remote control with voice control is provided.

TV in the kitchen cabinet TV in the kitchen wall

Rating of the best models of AVEL kitchen TVs

The search for a suitable TV for the kitchen is complicated by the large assortment of models offered. To make the right choice, you need to determine your own preferences, as well as take into account the parameters of the room in which the equipment will be located, the features of furniture and furnishings. Among the AVEL kitchen TV models:

  • Televisions built into kitchen panels;
  • Wall-mounted appliances/Kitchen apron;
  • Flat mounted TVs.

1. AVS240WS

Smart TV with Full HD screen resolution AVS240WS is the latest development of AVEL with a screen diagonal of 23.8”. The device is mounted in kitchen cabinets with a width of 60 cm on special lifting mechanisms. Thanks to this, the equipment does not take up extra space and can be installed even in a small kitchen. The model works on Android TV OS, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi allows you to access Google Play applications, control is carried out by means of a waterproof or special remote control - air mouse.

The front part of the AVS240WS smart TV is made of tempered glass, the case has high moisture protection, which allows you to install the equipment even over the sink, oven or stove. To care for the surface, conventional detergents are used without abrasive particles in the composition. The TV can be made in black or white, the strict design is suitable for any interior.

AVS240WS with black frame AVS240WS with white frame


  • Digital tuner, built-in media player;
  • Screen diagonal 23.8”, aspect ratio 16:9;
  • IPS Matrix;
  • Full HD resolution (1920x1080);
  • High brightness;
  • The screen material is tempered glass.

2. AVS240KS

Small TV for the kitchen with a bright screen, Full HD resolution. The Android TV-based device is installed in the door of the kitchen cabinet, without interfering with the full use of the shelves.

The operation of the device on Android OS provides access to the Internet, the use of applications from Google Play. There is a built-in digital tuner for watching TV channels. The presence of various connectors allows you to connect external media, playback of media files is carried out by a media player.

The TV can be controlled in the kitchen with a waterproof remote control or air mouse. Touch keys on the front panel of the screen are provided to adjust the TV parameters. The model is made in a black, white case or with a fully mirrored front panel.

AVS240KS with black frame AVS240KS with white frame AVS240KS mirrored


  • Screen diagonal 23.8”, aspect ratio 16:9;
  • Digital tuner;
  • Playback of various media formats thanks to the built-in media player;
  • Screen resolution Full HD 1920x1080;
  • High image brightness thanks to IPS matrix;
  • Three variants of the front part – fully mirrored or white/black frame;
  • Screen material – tempered glass;
  • Built-in vibration speakers.

3. AVS240KT

Among other built-in cabinets, the AVS240KT model stands out - a waterproof touchscreen monitor that can be used as a Smart TV thanks to streaming services. The touch screen provides the TV with the functionality of a tablet. Working on Android OS allows you to download and install applications such as Youtube, Netflix, Okko, IVI and others. Viewing TV programs is available only via the Internet, the model does not have a digital TV playback function.

AVS240KT with black frame


  • Touch screen control;
  • The built-in media player provides viewing of content of various formats;
  • Bright IPS matrix;
  • Screen 23.8”, aspect ratio 16:9;
  • The screen resolution is Full HD 1920x1080.

4. AVS750SM

For fans of watching TV on a big screen, the AVS750SM smart TV model with a diagonal of 75 inches is suitable. The device is made in a moisture-proof housing, so it can be installed not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen, even near cooking surfaces and sinks, as well as in the bathroom, pool, spa area.

The TV mirror is a high-tech "2 in 1" device. When turned off, it is a large mirror used for its intended purpose. To watch TV, just turn on the screen.

The TV is equipped with a digital tuner that provides viewing of TV programs in Ultra HD resolution. The device has the standard functionality and capabilities of a Smart TV, providing watching movies and TV series online, using Google Play applications.

AVS750SM mirror TV


  • Mirrored front pannel, screen material – tempered glass;
  • Screen diagonal 75”;
  • High brightness images, IPS matrix;
  • Ultra HD screen resolution 3840x2160 (4K);
  • Digital tuner, built-in media player.

5. AVS240SM

For a small kitchen, the AVS240SM TV model is suitable, which can be made in a white, black frame or in the form of a mirror. The 23.8-inch screen, built-in vibration speakers and glass surface make it the optimal choice for the kitchen. You can install this model in a special niche in the wall or directly into the kitchen apron. The connected wires are located under a cover that provides complete insulation and safety.

AVS240SM with black frame AVS240SM with white frame mirror tv AVS240SM


  • Tempered glass screen, 3 color options;
  • Diagonal 23.8”, possible to be embedded;
  • IPS matrix, screen resolution 1920 x 1080;
  • Built-in vibration speakers.

6. AVS220BT

If you have a large mirror in your kitchen, then you can use the AVS220BT model. It is designed specifically for mounted installation, the thickness of the device body is 34.5 mm. For installation, you do not have to make a niche in the wall, that allows you to use the TV in any kitchen and avoid repair work.The mirror model is equipped with an LED backlight.

The diagonal of the screen of the mounted model is 21.5”. The IPS matrix provides a high-quality display. To watch your favorite shows, a digital tuner and Android OS installation are provided.

smart TV AVS220BT


  • Fully mirrored front panel;
  • Suitable for installation in humid areas (kitchen, bathroom);
  • Screen diagonal 21.5”;
  • IPS matrix, high brightness images;
  • The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 Full HD;
  • LED backlight.

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